Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What's New in Room 21?

A few updates from Room 21… Students are presenting their state research slides along with their beautiful state floats. Students are welcome to take their state floats home once they receive their grading rubric. Thank you for supporting your children throughout this project. The floats turned out great!  In writing, students are beginning a new writing unit “ “. We will be using this unit to guide our work with Native American studies. This group of students loves to read :) so our Reading Workshop is the most sacred part of the day. Students are feeling confident about independently selecting a “Just Right Book”. Yay! We are now focusing on tracking our thinking while reading, working hard with our Word Work groups, and exploring new comprehension strategies. In math, we are reviewing how to find factors of any given number. We are also identifying if a number is prime, composite, or “Uno no?” (Ask your kids what that means) We are also squeezing in as much art as possible. We just completed some ‘animal obsessed’ art that we are going to use for the PTA fundraiser. We are currently working on a still life piece that will be displayed this month. Stay tuned for an update.

A few other reminders--
-RUn for the Arts is this Friday so please make sure your kiddos are wearing appropriate clothing and shoes.
-Students have two more geography regions to study for so please make sure they are practicing at home.
-Students need to have multiplication assessments complete by the end of the month so don’t forget to quiz them.
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Please work with a partner to record research questions that your group created...

Native American Research Questions

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Classroom Updates

Happy Wednesday!  It was so great seeing all of you at Back-to-School Night!  If you were unable to make it, don’t forget to stop by the classroom to sign up for conferences.  Conferences are in November this year so they’ll be here before you know it. We are hard at work here in 5th grade so here are a few updates...

Social Studies-- As we begin our study of U.S. geography, students are memorizing U.S. States and Capitals. Students will have weekly quizzes dedicated to a particular region and then a final test on all 100!  Last week students memorized the Western Region and this week they are studying the Southwest Region. If you have questions about the regions, please reference the map located in the S.S. section of their binder.  *State Float Project is due next Tuesday, September 26th.  You can find examples on our classroom blog.

Math--We are learning to use Google Sheets to create classroom graphs. Students worked with a partner to measure their current height and they are now graphing the results. We also began some work with multi-digit multiplication and I noticed that several students do not have their multiplication facts memorized. Uh oh!
This can be tricky for students, especially when their multiplication facts aren’t fully memorized.  Please spend time at home practicing those facts with your children.  They need to be MEMORIZED!

Writing-- Students worked with a partner to create a Partner Poem.  These poems are posted under their self portraits this week so stop by and check those out.  We are now working on a Tour of the States Project.  Students are researching the same state that they are using to create their State Float.  They will then create a presentation using Google Slides to “show off” their state and attract travelers.

Literacy--This week we continue setting up routines for Reading Workshop. We are focusing on selecting “just right” books and building our reading stamina. We are also running through our Word Work routine as a class so students have experience with all aspects before they move into small group work.

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