Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday-Morning Work

Watch the following video on Supermoons and be prepared to discuss. When you finish watching the video, begin typing club or read quietly

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fifth Grade Science Camp
Wednesday, April 4th - Friday, April 6th

Program: Northwest Outdoor Science School is a multi-day, overnight experience for elementary students.  Participants live in and learn about the natural world in an outdoor setting. Curriculum is tied to Oregon Standards and Benchmarks for grade 5 in Science and also includes selected benchmarks in Mathematics, English, Social Science, Health Education, Physical Education, and the Arts.

Trained volunteers -- high school and college students -- stay with students in cabins and help teach on field studies. This program has served over 200,000 elementary students and over 50,000 high school students since 1968.

Our Site: Trickle Creek Outdoor School- 5390 4 H Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304.
Trickle Creek Outdoor School takes place at the Oregon 4-H Center. The camp is located 8 miles outside of Salem. It is about a 90 minute bus ride from Lewis Elementary.

Trickle Creek's food is nutritious and delicious! It includes alternatives for all dietary needs.
*If your child has special dietary needs or allergies, please contact your classroom teacher.  

*To read more about Trickle Creek, please visit

Cost: $160 per student. Please take a moment to fill out the following form so we know how to best approach fundraising. A link to this form can be found on each classroom teacher’s blog.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is there a Nurse on site? Yes. There is a full time, Certified Nurse on staff and all staff members are First Aid and CPR certified.
  • Can my child bring a cell phone? No. It’s time to unplug and enjoy nature! If you need anything while we are at camp, you can contact Lewis Elementary and Tracy will connect you with us.  We will also give you a camp phone number that should only be used in case of an EMERGENCY.
  • Are parents chaperoning? The camp is providing all necessary staffing, so we will not be bringing parents. Don’t forget that your child’s classroom teacher will be there for emotional support :)
  • How do we know what to pack? As we get closer to camp, we will send out a packet of information that includes a packing list. We are attaching a sample packing list so you can start planning for what you need.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher for individual questions.